People often ask me for an outline of what I would do at their wedding.  Every wedding is different and whilst I can offer advice, guidance and make suggestions, I am here to understand the wedding couple’s wishes and as far as is possible translate those wishes into a fabulous and memorable wedding day.

Below is a guide to how things might go.  Let’s assume the ceremony and reception are at the same venue and the couple have already met me and decided to appoint me Toastmaster for their wedding day.

Remember there is room for a great deal of flexibility!  The outline below is intended only to help paint a picture of how things might be done. 

Before the wedding day

I will arrange to meet the couple with the venue co-ordinator at the venue for their final briefing meeting. If this is not possible because of diaries, then I will arrange separate meetings. It is important to emphasise that I view myself as being part of the team that is working to make the day a fantastic one!

We will go through and agree the running order together, when I can offer advice and suggestions but remember – the day belongs to the bride and groom, they rule!

On the day of the wedding

During the course of the whole day and evening, I will liaise with all of the key people involved – the wedding couple, speakers, guests, venue staff, entertainment, chauffeur, photographer – and communicate between them at all times.

At the wedding ceremony

I will arrive about an hour before the ceremony is due to start, and meet with the venue staff and ensure all is still as planned or address any changes.  Before the ceremony I will meet the groom, the best man, the Father of the Bride and the groomsmen to ensure everyone is clear about what they will be doing.  If the bride is already at the venue, I will meet with her to discuss arrangements and any changes.

I will liaise with the celebrant and registrar on how they would like me to work with them.  This usually means introducing the groom and best man and then ensuring all that they and all the guests are in place 10-15 minutes before the ceremony is due to start.

I will meet and welcome guests as they arrive at the venue.  This gives them an opportunity to get to know me as well as my making sure they know where to go and what will be happening when.

When you are ready for the ceremony to begin, I will help to form the bridal party and escort them to the ceremony room, having liaised earlier with the venue and celebrant regarding music.

After the ceremony, I will escort the married couple to the reception area and then return to the ceremony room to invite the guests to join them for drinks.

At the wedding breakfast

When it is time for the wedding breakfast, I will call upon the guests to be seated, and announce the couple into the room.  If desired, I will call for or give Grace.

When it’s time for the speeches

I will introduce the speeches, having spoken to the speakers beforehand to confirm how they would like to be introduced and to answer any questions they might have.  Speeches can be done at the beginning, middle or end of the meal.

After the meal

I will announce the cutting of the cake, working with the photographer first, to manage the formal pictures and then inviting the guests to come up and take pictures.

When it’s time for the reception

When it is time, I will escort the Bride and Groom from the dining room back to the reception area.  I will then return to the dining room and invite the guests to join them.  I will liaise with the entertainment to announce the first dance.  It is now time for the bride and groom and guests to party!

Unless asked to stay on and do something else, this is typically when I will retire.

Remember, there is a lot of room for flexibility.  Contact me to discuss how I can help your wedding to run smoothly, giving you more freedom to focus on your guests and to enjoy this most special of days!


Questions?  Contact me here.

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