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David Di Cara Kent Toastmaster

I was encouraged to become a Toastmaster by family and friends. They kept pointing out that my attitude, experience and skills set were remarkably well-suited to the role of a Toastmaster.  Fortunately, my customers seem to agree!

My experiences in public speaking, business training and coaching have shown me how much I enjoy working with people and making a difference to their lives. So I tried it and I loved it.  I want to continue to make that difference for wedding couples on that most special of days.

You can see more of my professional history on LinkedIn.

How long have you been a toastmaster?

Professionally, since 2013 but I have fulfilled the role many times before that at charity dinners and auctions, weddings and Ladies’ Festivals.

What are some of the things you most enjoy about being a Toastmaster?

I have found that the majority of bridal couples do not realise that they have a lot of choice in the way the day can run. One of the things I enjoy most is seeing the look of joy when I give some examples of what we might do and then ask them – “What would you like to do?”

Any particularly memorable moments that you’d like to share?

I remember being heckled at the wedding breakfast by the groom’s 8 year old son!  A quick word with his dad and I quietly asked the boy if he would like to make an announcement.  A little briefing and he performed superbly – competition for me in a few years’ time!

What qualities do you believe are important for a toastmaster to have?

A Toastmaster needs to have the relevant set of tools – for example appearance, voice, presence, communication skills and then the knowledge of the processes involved for the type of wedding on the day. However, the most important personal quality is without doubt – a great attitude. Training and experience can be invaluable but it is empathy and good attitude that distinguishes an excellent Toastmaster from the rest.

How would you describe your role as a Toastmaster in a nutshell?

I am there to help make your day fantastic.  So if you have something in mind – talk to me!

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